I have left my feline family at the Cat Clinic’s boarding facility for many years – in sickness and in health. Two of my cats had complex health issues, and I was able to leave “the boys” at the Clinic knowing that they would be well looked after. When I board “the girls” there, I know I am entrusting them to staff  who are fond of them - Cathy

pinky and scruffy have a snuggle

It's all about the cats...

 Conveniently located in downtown Guelph, ON, Kitty Condos cat boarding  has offered exclusive specialty cat boarding for over 20 years. Located in the Guelph Cat Clinic, in a separate area from the hospital, Kitty Condos is designed to be a calm, serene oasis where your cat can spend the time you are away in a comfortable and loving environment.  Cats can enjoy our large bay window, exercise on climbers and scratching posts or simply sit back and enjoy the entertainment provided by live Finches.  

Boarding facilities designed exclusively for felines  


Guelph Cat Clinic Kitty Condos Cat Boarding

 We have used the boarding facilities at the Guelph Cat Clinic on several occasions for both of our cats. The care our cats received during their stay was exceptional. They were allowed play time every day for exercise as well as social time. I am so happy with the  care that our cats receive from this clinic-Melissa                          

Why pick Kitty Condos for your cats vacation?

  • specially tailored vacation to the needs of your cat
  • centrally located in downtown Guelph
  • veterinarian on premise
  • expert in caring for cats with medical conditions
  • we just love cats!
  • condos with "ensuite" area for litterboxes
  • food intake and output carefully monitored
  • daily exercise / playtime
  • entertainment from our finches and outdoor vistas
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