Medical Concerns

If your feline needs regular medications our feline specialist staff members are happy to oblige.  From tablets to capsules, to ointments and creams, and even injections, we are able to accommodate a variety of medication administrations.  There is a flat rate fee to set up medication administration regardless of the length of stay or number of medications that are required.  A daily diabetic care fee is charged for weekend days and statutory holidays in addition to the initial set up fee.

Medical Treatment

Being a full-service veterinary clinic specializing in feline medicine, we are pleased to offer the peace of mind of onsite treatment of medical issues either previously diagnosed or those that may arise during your cat's stay with us.  Please ensure your emergency contact person has the authority to make medical decisions.


All guests, over the age of four months, must be spayed or neutered.  

Play Time

All our guests are offered playtime outside of their condos (either individually or on a household basis), giving them the opportunity to explore a variety of climbers and scratching posts and to perform kitty yoga poses as desired.  A garden window seat is available for relaxing on.  There are also live finches offering 24-hour entertainment.

Boarding Deposit

A $45 deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve a space in Kitty Condos.  The deposit is non-refundable if the reservation is cancelled for any reason.

One Guest per Condo

Our spacious multi-levelled condo suites feature a private litter box area separate from the sleeping and dining areas.  Suites can be connected in such a way that friends from the same household, can visit back and forth, but still maintain their own privacy when and if they wish. 

  Frequently Asked Questions

Length of Stay

Our minimum reservation length is 2 nights.  If only a 1 night stay is required the charges will still reflect the 2 night minimum fee.  Solo guests are eligible for discounted rates on stays longer than 7 nights.  For households with multiple feline residents, we offer a discounted

rate for their entire stay.  Kitty Condos can accommodate long-term stays of a month or more with no maximum reservation length.



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Guelph Cat Clinic Kitty Condos Cat Boarding


All feline guests are checked to ensure our Kitty Condos remain a flea-free zone.  Capstar (a quick kill flea medication) is given to all guests on arrival to further ensure these parasites are not introduced into the Condos.                             

Additional Services

Pamper your felines during their stay - manicures, pedicures and other grooming services are available, upon request, at an additional fee.

 High Season

Similar to the Hilton, our peak reservation times for cat boarding are July, August, Christmas season, March Break and statutory holiday weekends.  Book early to avoid disappointment. 

Dietary Concerns

Meals are served twice daily to our guests.  There is a choice of two dry food (Hill's Prescription t/d or Medical Royal Canin Weight Control), or we will happily serve food you provide us to give to your finicky feline or cats who are on special diets.  (Keep in mind that cats have sensitive stomachs, making the transition to new foods difficult.)  Meals are served in stainless steel dishes that are easily sanitized.


Written documentation confirming current vaccination against FVRCP and Rabies is required for all guests.  Special consideration may be available to guests without vaccines based on your veterinarian's health recommendations. It is advised that vaccines be administered at least 7-10 days (but not longer than 365 days) prior to your cat's stay with us in the kitty Condos to ensure adequate immunity.